Undercover TV Series Eisler Loonie Zooms - 59mm/90a

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The Undercover Richie Eisler TV Line Pro 2020 Wheels 59mm or 'Loonie zooms' pay homage to one of our favourite cartoon characters. Showing our age a little here but Roadrunners cheeky antiques and speedy nature meant he was a favourite among many and no doubt these wheels will have you zooming around.

This polyurethane happens to be the best of the stuff around though. Unmatched performance in the aggressive wheel market, hands down. Richie's catalogue of products is always fun and full of character, and this is no different. 

Are Undercover Richie Eisler TV Line Pro 2020 Wheels 59mm the best wheels on the market? Many things come down to subjectivity. But, it is well known that Undercover, who teamed with Matter, have superior polyurethane to any other brand. These wheels are high performance, long-lasting and damn right cool. 


- Sold in set of 4 wheels.

- Super Bullet profile for serious fun and speed. Zoom zoom

- 90A