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The Seba High Light 80 Skates is part of the next generation of 'high" skates from Seba. 

Seba has taken the successful High Light model and freshened it up with a new design plus new specs for the ultimate performance. The triple strap system with new slimline mid-strap keeps your foot locked and makes the skate highly responsive.

The skate has been shaved of all excess materials to save every gram possible on the overall weight and then they added the best components they could including Seba's new Deluxe V.2 flat frames

The 80mm wheels should give you all the confidence you'll need. High performing freestyle wheels with a balanced formula for grip and performance. 

Twincam ILQ 9 Pro Bearings are some of the highest quality you can buy. There is a lot to be said about bearings, but all you need to know is that these are produced for performance.

All together the High light 80 skates look incredible with its black-out colourway and grey detailing. A truly comprehensive package ready for all situations. Ideal for City skating, Freeride, Freestyle or Slalom. You decide!

Why would I choose these over the Trix 2 or High Light Carbon?

With the High Light 80, you'd be getting a skate which utilises a traditional cuff (as opposed to the triangle cuff) which offer all-round support. We also see the High Light 80 as a basic-entry option for higher specification skates like the Trix Pro, Igor and High Light Carbon, offering many of the same benefits without the cost of a carbon fibre shell.