Kizer Slimline II Frame

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Back once again, the Kizer Slimline. Whether you skate flat or anti rocker, big wheels or little wheels, the Slimline will cater to all your needs. This frame covers all bases and can be rockered to hold up to 80mm anti or flat 54’s and anything and everything in-between. Made from our tried and tested fluid material and coming stock with our super strong double rocker steel axels. The contoured minimal design reduces weight and creates frictionless grinds. This frame is available in 3 sizes and comes in black or white.

Sizes: S=39-40, M=41-44, L=45-47
Material: Nylon PA 66 plus glass-fiber
Setup: 4x58mm or 2x68&2xAntirocker
Wheel base: S =240mm, M= 260mm, L=280mm
Max. wheelsize: 60mm & antirocker, 80mm & antirocker if recess in soulplate
Frame spacer: Rocker 2mm aluminum

Small 5.0-7.0
Medium 8.0-10.0
Large 11.0-15.0

Wheel Setup Options:
58mm wheels in a flat-rocker setup all rockered down.
56mm wheels in a flat-rocker setup all rockered up
60mm wheels on the outside rockered up and 56mm wheels on the inside rockered down.
72mm wheels on the outside rockered down and anti-rockers on the inside