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Deck Size: 35.875" x 9.0"
Wheelbase: 22.5"
Deck Construction: Resin-7 Construction maintains pop and strength much longer than water based glues in competitors boards!
Deck Concave: Mellow concave
Deck Kick: None
Trucks: 150mm Slant Aluminum reverse kingpin
Truck Bushings: High Grade urethane matched shape & duro.
Wheels: 74mm 78a durometer
Bearings: Sealed professional grade ABEC-7s (Competitor's use ABEC 5's in their completes and BEWARE! - the big box store cheapo boards (under $40) use ABEC 3's which are not safe (they do not spin freely and can lock up).
Grip: Clear silica spray
Factory assembled by Globe and ready to skate right out of the box